More about me


I was six months old in Brooklyn when I played the crying baby of the lead actress in the cult film Pot Luck. I remember it.

I have always loved movies and writing. After moving to Long Island, I use to sit under my weeping willow tree in the backyard and write stories in a little notebook I would hide under the hump of the tree.

I gave everything I thought, felt and saw, to the glorious blank page. I also really loved to read, all kinds of fairy tales mostly. Although I had a blessed childhood, writing was a place I would rather live than anywhere else!

I also did little plays with my friends in the neighborhood, using that same tree hump as a stage.

My professional acting career began in Paris. I was in school at La Sorbonne and I was sitting at the fountain in Les Halles when I was asked by a director to be in an experimental film. I played a girl fascinated with the statues in the Gardens of Versaille as they came to life. From that I was on my way!

I left Paris and went to acting school at The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre in NYC. The minute I walked into that school I was home and diligently dedicated myself to learning the craft of acting. I still am.

A little while later I picked up a bag and some money I made cocktail waitressing, and I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my dreams in the movie business. Within a few weeks I got cast in the film Clay Pigeons. After that I worked all the time.

Along with other actors, directors and writers, I built a theatre company called The Space Theatre where we performed classic and original plays to great reviews. I was acting and writing all the time. Plays, books and poetry.

As acting lives within the spotlights, writing thrives within the sacred dark yet for me the two worlds go hand in hand.

After several years in LA, I moved back to New York City where I started working deeply with my acting coach Susan Batson. I also began seriously writing what would become a 26 novella collection called The Sugarspear Chronicles (see my writing page).

I also wrote and performed in a one woman show about the Italian actress Anna Magnani which brought me to Rome, Italy, where I met my husband an Italian musician and got pregnant.

Back in NYC I did some more writing and more films until I recently moved back to Los Angeles to continue the journey...